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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Night Thoughts 2

I grew up thinking I was a failure because I never dated. It was a status thing. I thought that once someone started loving me, I would then feel like I was loveable. I could say in words that I was fine with just having amazing friendships... but my heart didn't feel that way.

Now that I'm in a relationship, I appreciate singleness more. And last night I just wanted to share that insight with other people i know that may not be able to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

The difference between a really close friendship and a relationship is the increased inordinate amount of worrying you do over them. In dating, the physical side of the relationship (kissing/hugging/...) only drives you apart. The rest of the relationship is hours and hours spent talking to them & spending as much time as possible together. It's just, for someone you're dating, you worry & miss them when they're gone & doing other stuff.

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